App Inventor: Ice Cream Woah!

Ice Cream Woah is an app that a friend and I made in our Mobile CSP App Inventor class as a month-or-so long project where we could make whatever we wanted.

We made this app mostly for fun, but also to test the limits of app inventor.

Features (App Inventor stuff)

  • Multiple screens
  • Canvas
  • Sprites
  • Images
  • Etc

Features (App-wise)

  • Can have different flavors
  • Different toppings
  • Can draw your own
  • Can save your creation


Download here! Or scan this QR code:

Ice Cream Woah APK



photo_2015-11-09_07-56-59 photo_2015-11-09_07-58-00photo_2015-11-09_07-58-54photo_2015-11-09_08-12-13



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