SuperMicro SuperServer 2U

Apparently one server is not enough. Usage of my first server, seen here, has lead me to want a storage server, or NAS. So, back to eBay, where I found this.



Instead of running VMs, this server would serve as my NAS, and store all my files securely. Some things I was interested in were:

  • Redundant storage
  • ZFS RAIDz2
  • FreeNAS
  • ZFS Snapshots
  • FreeNAS Plugins and Containers

More on this later.


Server and my new switch
Server and my new switch
Time to get this thing open.
Time to get this thing open.
Different packing material than the last.
Different packing material than the last.
Oh there it is
Oh there it is

Came with one handle for the front. Only one though… Hugely heavy to lift. Those hard drives are a few pounds each, and there’s 8.

Back on to the shelf
Back on to the shelf

So I ran through the same testing procedure as the other server, but this time, I actually found a problem. It’s been a while now, but if I recall correctly, there was a problem with the backplane which made it so the drives wouldn’t all be recognized. Port 5 was dead (bottom left) and the rest wouldn’t reliably function. Contacted the seller on eBay and a new unit was sent to me. This was fun shipping back, due to the weight. Kept the drives that were in this one though so that reduced weight a bit, and the new one had none. Speaking of drives,

  • SuperChassis 825TQ-R700LPV / 825TQ-R700LPB
  • Supermicro X7DBE+ Motherboard
  • Dual Intel Xeon L5420 2.5GHz Quad Core CPUs No Hyperthreading
  • 32GB DDR2 RAM
  • 3Ware Raid Controller
  • 8 1TB Seagate Hard Drives (8TB Total, about 5.5TB Usable in ZFS RAIDz2)
  • No CD Drive
  • SuperMicro SIMLP-3+ Remote Access IPMI 2.0 Add On AOC-SIMLP-3+ Low Profile (Purchased separately)
PSU handle was a bit messed up, but not a huge issue.
PSU handle was a bit messed up, but not a huge issue.
Front serial port was also messed up on both units. Odd.
Front serial port was also messed up on both units. Odd.

You probably noticed the hostv sticker. They both had them. I guess a hosting company got rid of them. The original unit booted up virtuozzo and started spinning up VMs actually.

I wiped it of course, so I could have my own data, but not after attempting a SCP of the drives from a live USB to my other server for *analysis*

Ok I never actually analyzed anything. I think the data’s been deleted now. Didn’t care to go digging around in other people’s stuff.


Current setup is this

image image

Got some dust filters off of eBay that I just kinda taped on the front. The amount of dust in that basement is scary to have servers just sucking in. I clean those filters once every 2 WEEKS or so because that’s how much dust they collect. They’re not even that great so I’m sure a lot still gets through. I’ll have to clean them both out one day.

There’s also a little Raspberry Pi B+ sitting up there, but that’s a story for another time.


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