3D Printing – Blue Spiral Tower

This was a 3D model that one of my friends created using the program Structure Synth. I printed one in black for him (didn’t take many pics whoops) and then one in sparkly blue for me. However, the filament got a bit tangled up and I unfortunately had to pause the print mid-way, unload it, untangle it, and reload it. Sadly, I ran into a firmware bug that causes the printer to do a bunch of retracts right before it resumes, making resuming the print after changing filament (at least while using Octoprint) nearly impossible. Solution? Abort print and slice a new one but moved down so that the first layer is the layer that it left off on. Afterwards, superglue it together and I suppose that’s good enough… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Here are some pics of how they came out.

This is a photo edited by Colin Riesbeck based on the one I made for him.

Here are some of the photos I took of mine (Before I got all that good at the camera, please excuse the fuzziness). You can almost not notice the seam where the two pieces are joined together, but it is somewhat visible still unfortunately.

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